The history of Caribbean Stud Poker

Some people will tell you that the game was invented by pirates in the 1500s. Some people will tell you that it was an offshoot of Five Card Stud in the 1700s. Other people still, will claim that a man named David Sklansky invented the game in 1982 (we would remember this if it were true. We were in Reno at the time) and called it “Casino Poker”. Or you might have heard that the game was invented on a cruise ship en route to Aruba. Proponents of this last theory actually take a yearly pilgrimage to Aruba to play Caribbean Stud Poker in the place where it was “invented”.

The way Caribbean Stud actually came to be dates back to 1987 and was brought to light by a man named James Suttle. This makes sense to us because we hadn’t even seen the game before 1992, as it was a fringe thing and most casinos didn’t carry it for a long time. Now, James Suttle doesn’t claim to actually have invented the game either. He acquired it during a Texas Holdem game in Las Vegas. There was an unnamed player who needed money and asked Suttle for $5,000. Having nothing to his name, he offered to teach Suttle a new game in exchange. As it turns out, the mystery man earned himself those $5,000 because Suttle saw value in the game and pitched it to a man named Danny Jones—the owner of the King International Casino in Aruba.

So the true origins of the game remain shrouded in mystery, but we know where it gained legitimacy for the first time. And it was Vegas. Not Aruba. The game itself was not created in a vacuum, however. So those tales of the game originating during the age of conquest are not completely off the mark. The Spanish played a three card game called Primera in the 16th century. One of the slang terms for this game was Poque, which eventually turned into Poker.

The early game, like most versions of Poker (unlike Blackjack and Roullette) that we know today, was based on bluffing. It was a psychological game just as much as it was based on skill and chance. Americans didn’t receive the game of Poker until the 18th century, and it didn’t spread until the 1800s. As games go, Poker itself is quite new. It took almost 200 years, however, to invent Caribbean Stud Poker as we know it today. It sports many refinements to the method of play, but the biggest change of all was the introduction of a Progressive Jackpot. Those kinds of progressive jackpots for all kinds of casino games can be found at Spin Palace.

The Progressive Jackpot was invented by a man named Michael Titus, a software engineer, who had developed a system in which large totals could be tallied up progressively. The system needed a home and Caribbean Stud was its testing grounds. Today, Progressive Jackpots are a staple of online casinos like Spin Palace and landbased ones. They remain one of the single biggest revolutions in gambling history to this day. They are what drew us to Caribbean Stud in the first place.

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