Glossary of Key Terms

If you’re a Poker rookie and you still want to try Lady Luck’s patience, at the very least have the courtesy of knowing some key terms in the language of Caribbean Stud Poker. Just so you look less like a fish when you sit at the online casino table.

Ace King – A hand that has an Ace and a King and three random cards. This is the least valuable hand. Without this, the dealer loses de-facto. The lowest possible Ace King combination is Ace, King, 2, 3, 4. Ouch!

Ante – Your initial bet. Don’t get too excited. There are usually table minimums and table limits.

Ante Box – This is the box drawn on the table, where you push your chips when you ante up.

Dealer – The person standing in front of you who usually takes your money away from you when you don’t know what you’re doing, like in Blackjack.

Fold –The action of bowing out of a game you believe is lost. You just throw your cards down on the table before betting, cross your arms, and huff out the words, “I fold!”

Hierarchy or Rank – It’s just used to describe the fact that each hand has a value relative to the other hands. Knowing this is a basic requirement for playing Poker.

House –This is the establishment that’s cleaning out your pockets non stop (unless you’ve learned the rules, of course).

Payout Table – This is the chart that details how much money the online casino owes you if you win a hand.

Progressive Jackpot – A side bet. The words “bookoo money” should spring to mind when you hear this.

Progressive Jackpot Box – It’s the box that takes you Progressive Jackpot bet. Just stuff a dollar in there and hope you win. If you do, get ready to hear from random relatives you haven’t heard from in decades.

Push – It’s a tie. Nothing gained, nothing lost. Try again.

One word of advice for all readers who are not 21 or minors; please take your time and read the following information from the State Government of Victoria, AUS - here

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